Transtekhnika is a leading center of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, attested as a scientific organization and has the certificate of the quality management system in research work according to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.

The Institute carries on the comprehensive scientific researches in automotive, railway, air and water transport aimed at the development of the national and sectoral programs of the republican transport complex development, the development of the laws and regulations, improvement of the efficiency of operation of the transport organizations, providing the transport safety of the passenger and cargo traffic, serviceability of the transport facilities and rendering quality transport services, as well as upgrades the skills of the managers and experts and retrains in blue-collar jobs.

The Institute analyses the efficiency of operation of the transport organizations, upgrades the informational and analytical databases of their financial and operational activities. The results of the scientific and research works are used for the development of the proposals to increase the long and short term operations efficiency of the Republican transport complex and sectoral organizations, to increase the level of the safety of the transport activities and the quality of rendered transport services, preparation and implementation of the regulatory documents at sectoral level. Under the results of approbation of the researches the educational programs for the transport industry are developed.

To assure the working efficiency of new samples of vehicles and reduce the operational costs, there are carried out the researches of the reliability of the integral units, subunits and systems of new models of the domestic trucks, motor vehicles, buses, trolley buses and trams designing and implementing technologies of their maintenance and repair. The designed technologies are implemented at the Service Center of Minsk Automobile Plant, State Enterprise “Minsktrans”, at the organizations of the Republic of Belarus engaged in operation and service of the transport vehicles and road-building machinery. By orders of Russian Federation´s organizations there has been designed several technologies of the transport vehicles service. In 2015, the experts of the Institute have designed the technology of technical maintenance of the buses with engines operating on compressed natural gas.

There is developing the activity in area of international scientific-technical cooperation. In 2015, the Institute subscribed some agreements on scientific cooperation with the Federal Public Budget Institution Scientific Center of Complex Transport Problems of Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation and the Research Institute of Motor Vehicle Transport, there is continuing cooperation with scientifictechnical centers of Poland, Russia and Ukraine. As from 2015, the annual International Workshop Problems and Prospective of Development of the Transport Complex is powered by the Institute, in which in 2015 the representatives of the scientific and academic centers of Belarus, Greece, Poland and Russian took part.

The Institute is accredited in the following areas of operation:

Development of the linear consumption rate of fuel for motor vehicles and consumption rate of fuel for vessels, trucks, mechanisms and equipment;

Revision of the control testing equipment;

Examination of the special vehicles used for international carriage of perishable foodstuffs;

Certification of the transport facilities' repair and technical maintenance services;

Educational activities.

Transtekhnika is an authorized structure of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus for organization of the exhibitions of the transport complex at national and international exhibitions. The Institute has organized collective expositions of the transport industry organizations within the framework of international exhibitions in Russia, Turkmenistan, Poland, China, Kazakhstan and other countries. The scientific and technical potential of the Institute provides scientific and practical activities of the transport complex of both the branch level and at the level of specific transport companies and enables research projects in various areas of all transport modes.

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